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How I stay Inspired

Staying inspired is about passion, drive and enthusiasm. It’s about to be eager and able to put in 100% effort, to be curious, and be willing to do better every day. I’ve always loved design and look forward to many more years in the field, so I want to write about those times and share some tactics that have helped along the way.

1. Connect with people.

Design is never an individual sport. There’s always someone to connect with, even if it’s with the end client or members of an online community. Connection fosters collaboration and opens up the lines of communication that are so important in the design process. Building those work relationships definitely improve the level of my work and leave me feeling happier and more motivated in general.

2. Studying other designers

I love to see other UX designer projects. It's important to study their work and brake down their solutions to discover how was their thoughts. It's not only looking at the visual design itself but also to understanding what is the solution for or what the problem was. I like to create collections that I can always pull out for inspiration.

3. Stay Educated on a variety of topics

This one it speaks to itself. I truly believe that knowledge is power so I try to educate myself in different variety of topics and disciplines to have a comprehensive understanding of how things works from different perspectives. I like to learn about all steps that involves a creation of a good digital product.

4. Design for myself

Sometimes you're working on a project for a long time and then ended up having a lack of inspiration which it's normal. So in order to recycle some ideas and keep my mind fresh I like to design some design solutions for myself or doing something relates with art like photography and cooking. Things like that allows me to stimulate my creativity and relief some stress.

5. Travel and Explore places and types of food

I believe that travel and explore places expose myself to a new cultures and habits which allows me push myself out of my comfort zone and open my mind to new possibilities.


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